Ritz-Carlton’s Maintainable Mobile Presence

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the top hospitality companies whose vision is to inspire life’s most meaningful journey. In the early 1900’s there were many hotels under the name Ritz-Carlton, but in 1940 only the Boston Ritz-Carlton was operating. In 1983 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC was formed and grew from there. The Ritz-Carlton has 100 years of history, but that does not mean they do not have a great presence on social mobile profiles today. The Ritz-Carlton has a main Facebook and Twitter for their company as a whole. It is then broken down to the different locations of the hotel.

When looking at the main Facebook mobile page, they state their name, that they are a travel/leisure company, they have their main logo of the lion as their profile picture, and their cover photo is a picture of one of their locations. They utilize every aspect of the small screen they are given on the mobile device. They let people know exactly who they are. When looking at their Twitter on a mobile device they have their name in the main area and on the twitter picture with the lion logo, and a body explanation, “The official twitter stream of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.C.C. Tweeting for global travelers, collectors of #RCMemories and lovers of #luxury.” This explanation is perfect. They tell who they are and how they use Twitter for their company. The mobile layout also has a picture of a beach capturing their global travel target market. Ritz-Carlton also utilizes to the best of their ability the small space for Twitter on a mobile device.
Ritz-Carlton Facebook connected their audience to other Ritz-Carltons specific to a location, and to places where you can download their app.
Some of their Twitter posted links bring you to their News Room which is used as a blog to promote their brand.
Mainly Ritz-Carlton uses their twitter to tweet back at people. By doing this they are first-hand connecting to their customers and showing that they care about them.
I would say Ritz-Carlton is serving a mobile audience. Right away they let people know who they are without shoving it in their face. They have content to let people further engage in their brand, and they respond to people who tweet at them. Even though they are a large company they make it seem that every single person is important. By constantly updating their feed they are able to pay attention to the large number of their mobile audience. If I worked for Ritz-Carlton I would be proud of the work that is going into their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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