Freaky Fast Hits Twitter

In 1983 Jimmy John Liautaud at the age of 19 created Jimmy John’s. He started by renting out one location and just buying the necessities to start the company. Now there are over 2,000 stores. But always from the beginning the goal was to be fast. Even today Jimmy Johns is “freaky fast,” but what does that mean when it comes to their Twitter customer service?

jj 1

Jimmy Johns’ Twitter is full of tweets from their customers. Out of the last ten service requests, Jimmy Johns responded with 100% response rate. They usually responded between 2-8 minutes if it is between the times of 7:45am-5:15pm. Once 7:45 comes the next day they will respond to everyone who had tweeted at them during the off times. Each response is a little different, sometimes they will call people by name and sometimes they will not. Each tweet is a standalone request, responding directly to the person that tweeted at them.

jj 2

Jimmy John’s does a good job in the fact that they are asking its customers certain questions to be able to solve their problems. They ask the customers to DM the facts, even sometimes asking for the customer to DM them their phone number. The only thing is no one knows what Jimmy John’s is exactly doing after the customer DM’s them. The responses overall feel genuine. They even respond to people who do not tag them in their tweet and people who are happy with their service.

jj 3

For Jimmy John’s being a basic sandwich store they do a lot to make their customers happy on Twitter. They are seeing that their customers have a need, and they are doing their best to fill it in every aspect of the business.


Ritz-Carlton’s Maintainable Mobile Presence

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the top hospitality companies whose vision is to inspire life’s most meaningful journey. In the early 1900’s there were many hotels under the name Ritz-Carlton, but in 1940 only the Boston Ritz-Carlton was operating. In 1983 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC was formed and grew from there. The Ritz-Carlton has 100 years of history, but that does not mean they do not have a great presence on social mobile profiles today. The Ritz-Carlton has a main Facebook and Twitter for their company as a whole. It is then broken down to the different locations of the hotel.

When looking at the main Facebook mobile page, they state their name, that they are a travel/leisure company, they have their main logo of the lion as their profile picture, and their cover photo is a picture of one of their locations. They utilize every aspect of the small screen they are given on the mobile device. They let people know exactly who they are. When looking at their Twitter on a mobile device they have their name in the main area and on the twitter picture with the lion logo, and a body explanation, “The official twitter stream of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.C.C. Tweeting for global travelers, collectors of #RCMemories and lovers of #luxury.” This explanation is perfect. They tell who they are and how they use Twitter for their company. The mobile layout also has a picture of a beach capturing their global travel target market. Ritz-Carlton also utilizes to the best of their ability the small space for Twitter on a mobile device.
Ritz-Carlton Facebook connected their audience to other Ritz-Carltons specific to a location, and to places where you can download their app.
Some of their Twitter posted links bring you to their News Room which is used as a blog to promote their brand.
Mainly Ritz-Carlton uses their twitter to tweet back at people. By doing this they are first-hand connecting to their customers and showing that they care about them.
I would say Ritz-Carlton is serving a mobile audience. Right away they let people know who they are without shoving it in their face. They have content to let people further engage in their brand, and they respond to people who tweet at them. Even though they are a large company they make it seem that every single person is important. By constantly updating their feed they are able to pay attention to the large number of their mobile audience. If I worked for Ritz-Carlton I would be proud of the work that is going into their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Pinterest- Another Homerun for Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide is quickly growing and becoming more successful than ever. Since starting the first hotel in 1925 they have gained customers, workers, travelers, business people, and so much more. They have won awards and won over loyal customers. The last social media plan pitched to Hilton was to increase the number of Hilton HHonors app downloads in four months. The campaign with the help of Hiltons Facebook page to promote it was a huge success. The question now is where to go from here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.35.17 PM
The new Hilton campaign will encourage people to follow Hilton Worldwide on Pinterest. There will be a contest that will run for six months. We will use Facebook, and the Hilton app to encourage people to follow, like and repin the Hilton Worldwide Pinterest page. The Facebook page and app will explain the competition and encourage people to participate. At the end of the six months one lucky follower of Hilton WorldWide will win an all-expense paid trip to one of the luxurious places Hilton has to offer. The luxurious place will be the place where the picture on Pinterest got the most likes or repins. We want our brand awareness on Pinterest to triple, more people traveling to other Hilton locations, and with that increasing sales.
Hilton Worldwide’s Pinterest only has eight different boards. Compared to their competitors, who have close to the same number of rooms as Hilton, their Pinterest pages were a little different. Wyndham has 16 different boards and Marriott Hotels has 18 different boards. Hilton does have the most followers out of these three brands, but by adding more variety and stronger boards that people are interested in can really increase customer engagement. It is significant for Hilton to have the most followers, it is just necessary now to provide those followers something to engage with.

(picture of the two competitors Pinterest board)
Hilton has found out exactly who they like to target. Hiltons target market changes from location to location, from business people, young travelers, and so on. Hilton targets men and women middle to senior aged professionals with a higher income. These people have a sense of achievement, high status, and want to live a luxury life. With this new campaign using Pinterest, women ages 25-54 will be targeted. This is the best way to reach this audience because 81% of people age 25-54 use Pinterest, and are mostly women.

The main goal of this campaign is to increase brand awareness, increase travel, and increase sales. Our target audience wants the luxury lifestyle, but maybe they just do not know how Hilton can give it to them. We want new and existing customers to join in the campaign. With Pinterest we will encourage people to follow Hilton’s page and like their favorite pictures. After six months we will be able to measure the most likes and re-tweets of pins, plus how many more followers. This will all be attainable by promoting the contest and keeping the Pinterest page growing each day. It is significant for Hilton to do this because social media is growing, and they need to grow with it.
There will be new boards added to Pinterest. There will be a board for every different area where they have hotels. This boards will consist of different pictures of places people would/should visit while in the area. Another board will consist of pictures old and new of guests in luxurious places around a Hilton Hotel. This board will serve to humanize Hilton’s Pinterest. Lastly, there will be a board for wedding and décor since those are the most looked at pins on Pinterest. Along with these pictures, links will be connected to the picture that will bring them to a Hilton Hotel that they could stay at while in the area. Additionally, many Hilton hotels have ballrooms and spaces to host weddings and receptions. Many pins will derive from visuals of weddings taking place on Hilton properties. This will help increase the people wanting to visit somewhere to actually stay in a Hilton Hotel. This boards will inspire people to keep using the Hilton Worldwide Pinterest page even after the contest is over.
During the campaign we will need to hire or promote people to take picture and post pictures to the Pinterest page. We will need the tools to take the pictures, and find old pictures. At the end of the campaign we will have to have the money to send the winner to go on the tip.
This campaign will be measured by Hilton’s own industry by collecting the data we need ourselves. We will start by seeing current followers on Pinterest, customers and sales. At the end of the 6 months we will collect the same data and see how it compares. We would like each aspect of the data we collected to increase. The most important increase should be the number of followers that have increased over the six months. If we are able to capture Pinterest users we can constantly keep trying to advertise with them. At the end of the six months if Hilton Worldwide has grown in brand awareness, increased travel, and increased sales then the campaign will be considered a successful.

Hilton HHonors Just Keeps Growing

Conrad N. Hilton opened the first Hilton-named hotel in 1925 in Cisco, Texas, 90 years later Hilton Worldwide is one of the fastest growing and largest hospitality company in the world. Their success has brought 12 world-class brands, 4,200 hotels, resorts and timeshare properties in 93 countries and territories. In 2012 Hilton launched the first hospitality application Conrad Concierge that let guest customize their stay by using their smart phone. Since 2012 the application has grown and added more features. Hilton has also added five different apps for customers to download. Hilton’s main app would be the Hilton HHonors. People are able to book a stay at one of their 4,200 hotels, check-in, order room extras, access Hilton HHonor Points, get information about upcoming trips, and more. Hilton received an award from GSMA for a Global Mobile Award.


Hilton puts a lot of thought into who their target audience is When it comes to their geographic segmentation, it changes from location to location. Depending on the location they could try to target business people, and another location could target young travelers. They target people middle and senior aged professionals with higher income. They target people with sense of achievement, high status and luxury. If a person is ambitious who likes to express their high status, then that is who Hilton wants to target.

With the number of apps being downloaded worldwide growing every year, Hilton should reach their 30-64 aged customers with the additional help of Facebook. Since this generation of people mostly use Facebook as their number one social media site, Hilton would be able to reach the greatest number of people with this strategy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.05.18 PMUs-Social-Network-Users-by-Age-Group.CreatingResults

With the help of Facebook, Hilton will promote people to download their Hilton HHonors Application. This will help existing customers find easier ways to book stays and give potential customers the ability to see what Hilton has to offer. With this promotion, the goal is to get more people to download the app on their phone before finding out about another hotels app and liking the competition more. This will be a four-month campaign push to see how many more apps can be downloaded. Every week one Facebook post will go out about the application and after each month the number of the Hilton HHonors downloaded will be tracked. We will then compare the apps downloads, booked stays, and other used features on the app each month to previous months to see if the posts are actually working. With this campaign it is hoped to receive 150,000 more downloads. This campaign will not only help the app get more downloads, but by downloading the app people will have to submit their email which Hilton can later on use for other promotions and advertising. Lastly, it will generate more people to book stays at one of the many Hilton locations, with hopes of having a 15 percent increase in booked stays through the app. This campaign is to raise people’s awareness about Hilton and using Hilton’s own industry and resources to help their company grow.


Some of the Facebook posts that will go out during this campaign include.

-Download the official app for all of our district world-class brands. #HiltonHHonors

-Check out our Hilton HHonors app and see what you have been missing including speedy booking and hotel receipts at any of our 4,100 + hotels and resorts. #HiltonHHonors

-Tell us your favorite feature of the Hilton HHonors app!! #HiltonHHonors

-Book free stays with your Hilton Honors points by using the Hilton Honors app. #HiltonHHonors

Each post will use the hash tag #HilonHHonors to promote the app and with hope that people will use it on Facebook, and then on Twitter. Also each post will have a link to how they can download the app if it is by their iPhone, Android, or Windows.

As the weeks go on the goal is to have people talking about the app on all different types of social media. If there is a big take off with the campaign a commercial promoting the app, or even placement in a magazine could really let the campaign have a greater impact. My hope is that this campaign will grow app downloads, increase guest using the app, increase guest reservations as a whole, and be a top downloaded hotel app.

To make this campaign successful Hilton will need a few resources. They will need people to monitor the Facebook account by sending out the post and making sure they are getting positive comments back. They will also need someone to receive, track, and compare the data. If no tracking program exists already for Hilton, a small investment into an online tracking service may be beneficial as well.

Overall, the goal is for Hilton to increase brand awareness, gain more customer visits, generate customer information, and keep existing customers. With this campaign I feel this can really open up some great doors for Hilton and achieve these goals.

Visit Indy’s Veracious Instagram

Indianapolis has been on the rise for a few years now in terms of being able to appeal to a vast audience. There has been more entertainment to enjoy and people to meet. With the help of Visit Indy, people are able to find activities, where to eat, where to stay, guides, maps, and deals. Visit Indy is meant to promote travel to the Indianapolis area. Looking at other tourism platforms I came to the conclusion of who Visit Indy is targeting. They are looking for males and females, single or married without kids to take care of, 25-34 or 45 and above, mostly not from the Indianapolis area, middle to high income, and a college education level. They are looking for educated young adults who are apt to travel to Indianapolis but also they are aiming at those already in Indianapolis looking for something to do. They want people who want to explore and find out what Indianapolis is all about.


In today’s world a company needs to reach out to its target market from different platforms. One way Visit Indy reaches out to their target market is their use of Instagram. Their Instagram has 408 posts, 4106 followers, and 139 following. They keep their main logo as the profile picture and have the link to their website in the bio. They have been posting pictures on Instagram for a little less than four years. Visit Indy does not use Instagram as a hosting platform. They connect some of their posts to other social media outlets and now and then will get more likes on Facebook than they did on Instagram. As the years have gone by they have better pictures, and more likes. Since Instagram seems to target a younger audience, that may explain why their Facebook had more likes than some Instagram pictures.
main page
Instagram addresses their audience by always posting picture of the Indianapolis area they want their audience to travel to. They post pictures of restaurants, museums, nature and more. They could make their photos off center, or with crazy filters randomly if they wanted since it is a new trend. Their main goal though is to have people visit places in Indy so that is exactly what they post; pictures in Indy.

art mesume
Visit Indy post pictures multiple times a week which is the perfect amount for their audience. For a tourism business they cannot have too many pictures because people would never have the time to look at them, but they also need to have enough to show the audience everything they have to offer.

lots of likes
By taking the total likes and comments from the last ten posts and dividing it by ten shows the average engagement per post of 159.2. Taking that number and dividing it by the number of followers get the average engagement rate of 3.8 percent. The average engagement rate of retail brands on Instagram is 4 percent. With the top growing brands on Instagram being a lot of retail and Visit Indy is a tourism brand, I feel like they are doing a good job at engaging with their audience. Indianapolis is not usually people’s first place to visit if they are not from Indiana so having a 3.8 percent average engagement on their Instagram is something they should be proud of. Indianapolis is a great place to visit and with the help of Visit Indy and their Instagram, more people are able to learn that.

Golden Arches Gone Global

Before the start of the Winter Olympics McDonalds came up with a social media campaign. #CheertoSochi

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.32.30 PM
McDonald’s target marketing is so broad and includes kids, adults, and everyone in between. They try to hit everyone at different times to help with their marketing. They have some people who just go to McDonald’s for the cheap food, and others who bring their kids to have them enjoy their favorite happy meal. Their target market comes from all over the world, male and female, usually lower to middle income, on the go people and people who love cheap and fast food.
McDonald’s was a sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, so how did they connect their target audience with the Olympics? They gave their customers the power to send messages of support, congratulate, and “cheers” to their favorite Olympic team or athlete. They made this all possible with social media.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.35.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.35.47 PM
The fans were able to tweet their message with the hashtag #CheersToSochi, or by visiting the website McDonald’s made. The athletes where then able to look at the messages and read all the support they were getting. Some of the athletes even were able to print off the message and wear it as a ribbon around their wrist. The athletes wearing the ribbon on their wrist was in some way using tangible products in a social media campaign. McDonald’s made connections with their audience and helped them communicate like never before. It did not matter how much money the audience had, everyone had the option to send a message.
I think McDonald’s was trying to make all their different target audiences come together. People were able to interact with there favorite athletes with the help of McDonald’s. They were able to take their large target market and provide something they can all enjoy, get behind and support. I feel that McDonald’s wanted people to know that they were more than just a fast food restaurant.
With twitter being the main source of the campaign, people were able to favorite, retweet, and reply to all the different tweets. McDonald’s made it easy to engage in the campaign. Some may argue a little too easy. A few days after the Cheers to Sochi campaign was launched it was hijacked by LGBT activist to spread their message. When it comes to social media, especially hashtags, they are easy to get hacked. Even though McDonald’s had a good idea to help people connect with the Olympians, some things can go wrong that cannot be stopped. McDonald’s still had success with more than 5,500 cheers and 2,800 messages printed on the ribbons.
Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.41.19 PM

Scotty’s Brewhouse, Blogs, and Beer

Scotty’s Brewhouse has become a favorite location for students of Ball State University. Scotty’s was first opened in 1996 in Muncie, Indiana. Since then Scotty’s has continued to grow with 10 restaurants in Indiana. The owner of Scotty’s, Scott Wise is a big believer in social media, so what does that mean for Scotty’s Brewhouse blog?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.30.34 PM

The Brewhouse Blog has a very simple layout with just a white background and simple font. Bruce McClain, the director of digital media, writes most of the blogs. Other blogs are taken from other articles people have written. They share other blog posts that connect to their restaurant, but not the posts that are written specifically for the Brewhouse Blog. Scotty’s Brewhouse is prominent on Twitter and Facebook in that they have 27,000 and 2,000 followers and likes respectively. Readers can easily like the blog post connecting them to Facebook, but I could not find the same articles on Facebook even after I liked it. With Scotty’s being so big into Twitter and Facebook they could take more advantage of the blog.

When thinking about Scotty’s Brewhouse, I would compare them to Buffalo Wild Wings.  ( After reading about their target audience I came to the conclusion of Scotty’s target audience. They would be from the surrounding communities, families, college students, males and females 20-35, middle class, who love sports and beer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.33.48 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.34.32 PM

Scotty’s Blog mainly talks about the restaurant itself, what it is doing, and how it is growing. With the target audience in mind I would add more articles to the blog about sports that are going on and other exciting information that the target audience would want to read. The blog is great place to learn about the company, but not a blog a customer would regularly want to visit. The fact that the blog has a steady focus is something that should not change. The blog use to be updated around four times a month and now is just one or two times a month. With the content that is in the post I feel like this is a good amount each month but Scotty’s could benefit from the more frequent posts since their target audience is typically very mobile and connected. If their goal is to reach more of their target audience, I think they should post once a week.

White Lodging Social Media

White Lodging started in 1985 and has been significantly growing since. They started only having one hotel and now they will be managing 186 hotels at the end of 2015. When looking at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn White Lodging is very active on their platforms.

wl twitterwl facebookwl linkedin

They were easy to find though Google search, but the easiest way was from the company website. It caught my eye that all the pictures on the three social media outlets were the same. It was the same naming and visuals as the company puts on the website and other promotions. It made me as a researcher confident that I had found the right company’s profiles. When it came to Google+ is was just as easy to search as the others from Google, but was not on the company website. Google+ did not have the same picture, did not seem active with only 3 followers, and had no recent post. I do not feel this is a downfall for White Lodging because not many people talk about Google+ these days and they did not connect it to the company website.

wl google+
When it comes to the hotel industry it is hard to find a certain target audience. White Lodging is in 21 different states and has different ranges of hotels. According to Hospitality Marketing Management by Robert D. Reid and David C. Bojanic it all depends on the different locations and various customers. Since White Lodging is such a widespread brand the target audience will most likely change from location to location. It is important to know if the customer is traveling for business or pleasure. White Lodging does state that they do not market to people under the age of 18. Based on the fact that they are targeting people older than 18, their best social profile would be Facebook. White Lodging Facebook page keeps followers up-to-date on travel trend, hotel operations, company happenings, and more.
Reid, R., & Bojanic, D. (n.d.). Introduction to Market Segmentation. In Hospitality Marketing Management (5th ed.).