Freaky Fast Hits Twitter

In 1983 Jimmy John Liautaud at the age of 19 created Jimmy John’s. He started by renting out one location and just buying the necessities to start the company. Now there are over 2,000 stores. But always from the beginning the goal was to be fast. Even today Jimmy Johns is “freaky fast,” but what does that mean when it comes to their Twitter customer service?

jj 1

Jimmy Johns’ Twitter is full of tweets from their customers. Out of the last ten service requests, Jimmy Johns responded with 100% response rate. They usually responded between 2-8 minutes if it is between the times of 7:45am-5:15pm. Once 7:45 comes the next day they will respond to everyone who had tweeted at them during the off times. Each response is a little different, sometimes they will call people by name and sometimes they will not. Each tweet is a standalone request, responding directly to the person that tweeted at them.

jj 2

Jimmy John’s does a good job in the fact that they are asking its customers certain questions to be able to solve their problems. They ask the customers to DM the facts, even sometimes asking for the customer to DM them their phone number. The only thing is no one knows what Jimmy John’s is exactly doing after the customer DM’s them. The responses overall feel genuine. They even respond to people who do not tag them in their tweet and people who are happy with their service.

jj 3

For Jimmy John’s being a basic sandwich store they do a lot to make their customers happy on Twitter. They are seeing that their customers have a need, and they are doing their best to fill it in every aspect of the business.


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