I am looking forward to graduating in May, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in hospitality. I have learned a lot from college and my past job experiences. I started college unsure of what to study. I began to research jobs and found a great interest in marketing and sales. I have not questioned my choice since. I have worked in the hospitality industry with most of my previous jobs, so my minor was an easy choice. I have worked in fast food and I have also been a server, but a huge stepping stone occurred when I accepted a summer internship at The Around Campus Group. I attended the Sales Foundation Academy at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. From there, I made door to door sales, ranked 4 out of 40 interns in the region, generated $20,015 personal sales, and handled all my accounts. I am proud of my accomplishments and excited for what I will be doing in the future.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is quickly increasing and changing rapidly. It has become a huge part of the business world. The connections that social media provides in today’s world can help a business become more successful and I feel that every business should utilize that power. I plan to continuously educate myself on social media marketing and how it can play a role in every business plan. Eventually, I hope to work with a company with a strong social media background or one in need of a new social media presence.

Something Unique About Me

I was the number one Huntington Taco Bell drive thru worker, when I was in high school.


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