Golden Arches Gone Global

Before the start of the Winter Olympics McDonalds came up with a social media campaign. #CheertoSochi

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.32.30 PM
McDonald’s target marketing is so broad and includes kids, adults, and everyone in between. They try to hit everyone at different times to help with their marketing. They have some people who just go to McDonald’s for the cheap food, and others who bring their kids to have them enjoy their favorite happy meal. Their target market comes from all over the world, male and female, usually lower to middle income, on the go people and people who love cheap and fast food.
McDonald’s was a sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, so how did they connect their target audience with the Olympics? They gave their customers the power to send messages of support, congratulate, and “cheers” to their favorite Olympic team or athlete. They made this all possible with social media.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.35.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.35.47 PM
The fans were able to tweet their message with the hashtag #CheersToSochi, or by visiting the website McDonald’s made. The athletes where then able to look at the messages and read all the support they were getting. Some of the athletes even were able to print off the message and wear it as a ribbon around their wrist. The athletes wearing the ribbon on their wrist was in some way using tangible products in a social media campaign. McDonald’s made connections with their audience and helped them communicate like never before. It did not matter how much money the audience had, everyone had the option to send a message.
I think McDonald’s was trying to make all their different target audiences come together. People were able to interact with there favorite athletes with the help of McDonald’s. They were able to take their large target market and provide something they can all enjoy, get behind and support. I feel that McDonald’s wanted people to know that they were more than just a fast food restaurant.
With twitter being the main source of the campaign, people were able to favorite, retweet, and reply to all the different tweets. McDonald’s made it easy to engage in the campaign. Some may argue a little too easy. A few days after the Cheers to Sochi campaign was launched it was hijacked by LGBT activist to spread their message. When it comes to social media, especially hashtags, they are easy to get hacked. Even though McDonald’s had a good idea to help people connect with the Olympians, some things can go wrong that cannot be stopped. McDonald’s still had success with more than 5,500 cheers and 2,800 messages printed on the ribbons.
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