Scotty’s Brewhouse, Blogs, and Beer

Scotty’s Brewhouse has become a favorite location for students of Ball State University. Scotty’s was first opened in 1996 in Muncie, Indiana. Since then Scotty’s has continued to grow with 10 restaurants in Indiana. The owner of Scotty’s, Scott Wise is a big believer in social media, so what does that mean for Scotty’s Brewhouse blog?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.30.34 PM

The Brewhouse Blog has a very simple layout with just a white background and simple font. Bruce McClain, the director of digital media, writes most of the blogs. Other blogs are taken from other articles people have written. They share other blog posts that connect to their restaurant, but not the posts that are written specifically for the Brewhouse Blog. Scotty’s Brewhouse is prominent on Twitter and Facebook in that they have 27,000 and 2,000 followers and likes respectively. Readers can easily like the blog post connecting them to Facebook, but I could not find the same articles on Facebook even after I liked it. With Scotty’s being so big into Twitter and Facebook they could take more advantage of the blog.

When thinking about Scotty’s Brewhouse, I would compare them to Buffalo Wild Wings.  ( After reading about their target audience I came to the conclusion of Scotty’s target audience. They would be from the surrounding communities, families, college students, males and females 20-35, middle class, who love sports and beer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.33.48 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.34.32 PM

Scotty’s Blog mainly talks about the restaurant itself, what it is doing, and how it is growing. With the target audience in mind I would add more articles to the blog about sports that are going on and other exciting information that the target audience would want to read. The blog is great place to learn about the company, but not a blog a customer would regularly want to visit. The fact that the blog has a steady focus is something that should not change. The blog use to be updated around four times a month and now is just one or two times a month. With the content that is in the post I feel like this is a good amount each month but Scotty’s could benefit from the more frequent posts since their target audience is typically very mobile and connected. If their goal is to reach more of their target audience, I think they should post once a week.


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