White Lodging Social Media

White Lodging started in 1985 and has been significantly growing since. They started only having one hotel and now they will be managing 186 hotels at the end of 2015. When looking at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn White Lodging is very active on their platforms.

wl twitterwl facebookwl linkedin

They were easy to find though Google search, but the easiest way was from the company website. It caught my eye that all the pictures on the three social media outlets were the same. It was the same naming and visuals as the company puts on the website and other promotions. It made me as a researcher confident that I had found the right company’s profiles. When it came to Google+ is was just as easy to search as the others from Google, but was not on the company website. Google+ did not have the same picture, did not seem active with only 3 followers, and had no recent post. I do not feel this is a downfall for White Lodging because not many people talk about Google+ these days and they did not connect it to the company website.

wl google+
When it comes to the hotel industry it is hard to find a certain target audience. White Lodging is in 21 different states and has different ranges of hotels. According to Hospitality Marketing Management by Robert D. Reid and David C. Bojanic it all depends on the different locations and various customers. Since White Lodging is such a widespread brand the target audience will most likely change from location to location. It is important to know if the customer is traveling for business or pleasure. White Lodging does state that they do not market to people under the age of 18. Based on the fact that they are targeting people older than 18, their best social profile would be Facebook. White Lodging Facebook page keeps followers up-to-date on travel trend, hotel operations, company happenings, and more.
Reid, R., & Bojanic, D. (n.d.). Introduction to Market Segmentation. In Hospitality Marketing Management (5th ed.).


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